Tacoma-based Jazz/Rock Vocalist & Songwriter


SaraEllen - Tacoma-based jazz, rock, indie vocalist

My favorite place on Earth is the liminal space of the stage, where I can feel the colors of melody wrap the audience in emotion, and carry them through the story of the song.



SaraEllen's nearly three-octave range, powerful belts and playful improvisation draw from her diverse vocal quests: musical theater, classic rock and bebop. SaraEllen's vocal influences include Sarah Vaughan, Ann Wilson and Grace Slick. SaraEllen's songwriting influences include Cole Porter, Stevie Nicks, Portishead and Lana del Rey.

SaraEllen is half of the trip-hop influenced jazz duo Plaid Lion, and is available to perform, record and write for other bands. Contact her through Plaid Lion.